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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Vacation Playlists

The Edwards Academy is officially on vacation. We could not survive our long car trip to and from family camp without our iPod. We use a FM transmitter so that all six of us can enjoy the playlists together. A look at what we’re listening to on this trip:

“Lemon Tree” (Peter, Paul, and Mary)
Grandpa S. sang this song to me when I was little and now he sings it to our youngest, Toby. At 2 and a half, Toby only sings two songs, “Jesus Loves Me” and “Lemon Tree.” After hearing his sweet voice randomly singing “Lemon tree pretty…flower sweet…” I added the song to the iPod. It is difficult to add just one Peter, Paul and Mary song, however, when the forces of nostalgia pull on me. So I also downloaded…

“’Puff’ the Magic Dragon” (Peter, Paul, and Mary)
This is also a song that my dad loves to sing to us. After I added it to the iPod, I noticed that Lane buried his face in his favorite blanket as he listened. Sure enough, he was heartbroken. “Mom,” he tearfully asked, “Why did Jackie Paper die?” I explained that he didn’t die, he just grew up and stopped imagining about magic dragons and playing imaginary games. This didn’t console Lane in the least, and he cried all over again to think of losing his imagination. According to Wikipedia, the lyrics to this song were inspired by Lane’s favorite Ogden Nash poem, “The Tale of Custard the Dragon.”

“I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby” (McHugh, Fields)
We downloaded the Pasadena Roof Orchestra recording of this 1928 song. We latched onto the song after watching “Bringing Up Baby,” the 1938 movie starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. We aren’t talented singers, but that doesn’t stop us from swinging through our chores belting out, “…That’s the only thing I’ve plenty of, baby! Dream awhile, scheme awhile, We’re sure to find happiness and, I guess, all those things you’ve pined for…”

Mancini: Greatest Hits
We were compelled to download this album because my kids love “Hatari!”, the 1962 Howard Hawks movie that stars John Wayne and tells the tale of a odd mix of characters who catch zoo animals in Africa. Mancini scored the movie and it contains not only the Hatari! theme, but also his well-known, “Baby Elephant Walk," also from the movie. The Greatest Hits album also has "Moon River", the Pink Panther theme, and other wonderful Mancini movie themes.

“Jesus Paid it All” (from “Passion: Everything Glorious”, Stanfill)
I downloaded this just last week after we sang it again in church. This hymn has always been a favorite of mine, and the bridge added by Kristian Stanfill, “O praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!” describes the way I feel about Jesus. 

“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (Read by Eric Idle)
We received this audio book for Christmas on CDs and downloaded it to the iPod so we can easily listen in the car. I’ve posted about this before, so you know how much we love the Augustus Gloop poem. It is also fun to hear about Veruca Salt. As Wonka says, “My goodness, she is a bad nut after all!” And the Dahl poem that the Oompa Lumpas sing, “Veruca Salt, the little brute, has just gone down the garbage chute…” Eric Idle's reading is very entertaining.

Our iPod, probably like yours, is filled with an odd mix of songs. We've got the Beach Boys and Aaron Copeland. We've got Keith Green and Casting Crowns along with Johnny Cash and Riders in the Sky. We've got Little House on the Prairie audiobooks and Beatrix Potter. There's Mozart and Debussy. And U2. And Sting. Norah Jones and Alison Kraus. Lifeway's VBS music from this year and last. The iTunes library has four and a half days of listening, but only two-thirds of that will fit on our iPod nano (it's a few years old). Still, more than enough listening to take us 12 hours there and 12 hours home.

Happy listening...

The picture shows us on our Memorial Day car trip.

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