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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Loss and the Valley of Humiliation

This picture of my dad and Toby scrubbing boat cushions was taken last October. Hasn't Toby changed? Unfortunately, all the pictures we took since then are lost, except for the ones that I posted on the blog or published in photo books. And, thankfully, our hundreds (I'm not kidding) of camp photos are still on the camera cards.

What happened? My beloved MacBook hard drive crashed. Right now the laptop is in for warranty service and we're using our old Mac Mini, which runs Panther (I'm missing Leopard right now, and if you don't get that I guess you are a Windows user!). I hope to get the MacBook back in a week and a half.

I was numb, shocked, disbelieving, accepting, and--finally--at peace with this minor tragedy, all within the last two days.

The whole thing was humiliating, however, because I know I should have had my data backed up. We just never did get an external hard drive and follow through with doing that. I begged the technician at the Apple dealer to try to recover my data, knowing all the while he couldn't possibly care like I do about those photos and home schooling files.*

I'm moving on, however, and even looking forward to a clean slate when we get the MacBook back. Even so, it is a big bummer to only have a few hard copies of school-related files and an older version of a sprawling Excel planning worksheet (but thank you, Tonya, for sending me that old copy that you had in email!).

Now after suffering from the grief of hard-drive-failure and data loss, I'm devoting myself to hard-drive-failure awareness. Do you have an external hard drive and back up your system frequently? As the Apple technician told me, "You can get any brand and about 120 gig for only a hundred bucks or so. Look for one with a firewire port. Leopard's Time Machine will handle it for you."

Of course. Silly me. Why on earth didn't we do this before?

*In case you are wondering, I did have my book manuscript saved in another place and did not lose any significant data on that project. Also, I'm now very thankful that I couldn't resist adding lake pictures to the blog over and over all summer. Because now they are all I have. I planned to make a summer photo book when summer was over, but I hadn't printed any yet. So, memories will have to suffice.


Sharon said...

How frustrating! At least TOG is something you have on paper and I would assume the kids' work is mostly on paper as well. This is one reason I print out the kids' narrations whenever I type them up.
But now you have me curious... what's this book you're writing all about?
~ Sharon

Mrs. Edwards said...

Fortunately, I used iPhoto to create a photo book of our previous school year. I even included text pages of key essays and written work. So I feel good to have a paper copy of important school work, not to mention all the loose paperwork collected in binders. Mostly I lost planning sheets, assignment sheets, co-op lesson plans, etc.

As for the book I'm writing...
I am working as a "ghostwriter" for a woman who is writing her memoir. I use the word ghostwriter in quotes because my name will appear as a co-author, although the book is written in first person telling the story of this lady's life. It is a memoir with a purpose, I suppose you might say. She has an interesting life story and hopes that the story of her life will point others to Christ. (Perhaps later I'll post more details.)

I'm nearly done with the first draft manuscript and we are about to start the re-write process. I wrote the first draft after conducting interviews with her. Naturally, as she reads the draft she thinks of other details, etc., so we will be working on re-write with those changes.

I'll be more vocal about all of this after we have a manuscript that is worthy of shopping around to publishers (she has some contacts we hope will help).

It gives me a bit of extra income and I'm praying that God might either use the published book to his glory or, if it never really takes off, use the process of writing it to his glory.

Being an amateur with writing ambition, it is a humbling experience. (I thought I could get it done much quicker than it is actually taking.) But, a lot of fun, too.

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