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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Edwards Academy Magazine III

For a descriptive writing assignment, Sydney and Hope were asked to describe the comic strip "Peanuts." They were written separately, but because we worked together on the initial clustering diagram to get their structure in place, you will notice similarities. 

By Sydney Edwards
February 11, 2009

“Peanuts” is a funny comic strip drawn by Charles Schulz. Schulz developed “Peanuts” in 1950 and drew it until 2000, when he died. He drew the kids in the comic strip with big heads, short arms, and short legs. The comic strip never included grown-ups because Schulz wanted it to show the kids’ perspective.

Charlie Brown, who is bald and always wears a yellow shirt with a black zig-zag line is the main character. Whenever Charlie Brown does something it always goes badly. Snoopy, an imaginative beagle, is Charlie Brown’s dog. Snoopy is quiet all the time but he’s always thinking. Lucy, drawn with black hair, is mean, ungrateful, and bossy. She also calls Charlie Brown a blockhead. Lucy’s brother Linus has straight hair and he always has his blue blanket. Charlie Brown’s sister Sally has yellow, poofy hair with a blue ribbon. She loves Linus, but he ignores her. Schroeder is a piano player. He constantly plays Beethoven’s music.

There are many recurring stories. In one, Charlie Brown plays football with Lucy and she always tricks him by taking away the ball just as he is kicking it. Another recurring story is about Charlie Brown’s baseball team. His team always loses and the other kids blame him because he is the pitcher. Another story is about Charlie Brown’s kite. His kite always gets stuck in a tree and then the kite-eating tree eats it. Charlie Brown likes the red-haired girl, but she does not notice him.

Snoopy likes to pretend that he is fighting in World War I against the Red Baron. Snoopy wears a pilot hat that covers his ears and goggles and a red scarf. He sits on top of his doghouse and pretends that he is in a Sopwith Camel bi-plane.

Lucy loves Schroeder and sits by his piano as he plays. Lucy irritates Schroeder and Schroeder irritates Lucy, and she gets mad. In her anger she hits him across the piano.

Linus believes in the Great Pumpkin. He thinks that on Halloween the Great Pumpkin comes to all the pumpkin patches to see if they are sincere. If it is, he gives candy and gifts to the children who own the Pumpkin patch. Linus waits in this patch for the Great Pumpkin, but he never comes.

I like “Peanuts” because it’s all about kids! I like to read the comics about Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Snoopy’s imagination fascinates me. I’m just like Snoopy. I like to pretend I’m in my own world of my imagination.
By Hope Edwards
February 13, 2009

Charles Schulz drew the funny comic strip “Peanuts.” The strip ran in newspapers all over the United States from 1950 to 2000. The strip only showed kids in it. All of the kids have short arms and legs; they also have big heads. The main character of “Peanuts” is Charlie Brown. Nothing goes right for the bald-headed Charlie Brown, whom no one cares about. Charlie Brown always wears a yellow or red shirt with a crooked black stripe around it.

Charlie has many friends in his neighborhood. He has a beagle named Snoopy. Snoopy is black and white. When it seems he is talking he is actually thinking. Snoopy, who is anthropomorphic, also likes to pretend. Linus is one of many of Charlie’s friends. Linus’s hair is thin and unkempt, and he hates girls. Linus has a sister named Lucy. (She hates him.) You almost always see him with his blue blanket. Lucy is another one of Charlie’s friends. Lucy has raven black hair and is very bossy. Lucy loves Schroeder. Schroeder loves Beethoven and plays piano. Sally is Charlie’s little sister. Sally has poofy yellow hair and she always wears a dress. Sally loves Linus.

Charles Schulz used some story lines again and again. Snoopy is always imagining that he is a pilot in World War I fighting the Red Baron. There are also many recurring stories about Charlie Brown. For instance, on Valentine’s Day Charlie Brown loves the red-haired girl, but she does not like him. Whenever Charlie Brown flies his kite it gets stuck in a tree.
Charlie Brown plays baseball and football. When Charlie kicks the football Lucy snatches it away. Just when Charlie believes that Lucy is finally being kind to him, she is not! On Halloween, Linus thinks that the Great Pumpkin comes to every pumpkin patch and if it is good he gives candy and toys to children.

I like “Peanuts” because it is funny. At the same time, I also feel sorry for Charlie Brown because nobody seems to care about him. Charles Schulz uses the strip to describe how people feel sometimes. We all feel like Charlie or Lucy or Linus or Snoopy sometimes. “Peanuts” is a wonderful comic strip.
"Peanuts" strips from Sorry they don't fit in the width! I'm not sure how to fix that, if I even can.


Sharon said...

You can change the width of the image (and the height as well, so it doesn't get all stretched. Go into the post again to edit it and choose the Edit HTML option. The tags which relate to the images all begin with [a onblur... (read my square brackets as triangle brackets)

look for something like the following:

[a onblur=.....] [img style=...text-align:... width: 1200px; height: 200px...] [/a]

I think your centre column is about 600 pixels wide, so change whatever the present width is to 600px and the height proportionally from what it was previously. Check it. You might fit 800 pixels, not sure.

~ Sharon

PS the girls have done a fabulous job. I am very impressed.

Mrs. Edwards said...

I tried to do that, but this particular image (which comes from doesn't have width and height in the html code. In fact, there is no img style section of the code at all, just img srce. So, alas, I left it as is.

They are coming along on their writing. It is exciting to see.

Lepidoptera said...

I have been wondering how to do that on my blog too. I am glad that you asked. Your 'Peanuts' post reminded me of earlier in this schoolyear when I introduced the girls to Pigpen from 'Peanuts'. If I recall correctly, it had something to do with Astronomy.

Lepidoptera said...

A question for you. I noted somewhere in the comments section that you said your girls were coming along with their writing. Are you strictly using TOG's "Writing Aids" or also supplementing? At this point mine are in 1st grade and K so one is doing copywork and the other is learning to write her letters.

Mrs. Edwards said...

Yes, we've just used the Tapestry writing assignments with Writing Aids. We use Shurley Grammar for our grammar studies, but don't use the writing assignments that are included with that. My kids also use Explode the Code workbooks to improve their phonics skills, but this isn't writing instruction.

Remember that "Writing Aids" is actually an excellent book of aids, or helps, for teaching writing. It could be used to accomplish any writing assignment from K-12. The writing assignments that we use are straight from the Tapestry of Grace week plans and seamlessly work with the teaching tools in Writing Aids.

For my first grader, he started the first half of the year working on "draw and caption" writing that gave him a chance to understand chronology and order. Now, in the second half of the year, he is writing brief paragraphs using a clustering diagram. We followed the Level 1 assignments for TOG. (Click the "writing" label for more posts about this.) I really, really like the TOG writing program, but I should note that we don't accomplish a TOG writing assignment every week, even though there is an assignment provided each week. For example, the "Peanuts" report took us two weeks to accomplish. This is partly because they aren't fast writers and partly because I've filled their school week with so many things!

Hopefully that helps!

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