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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Need Thee Every Hour

Thanks to the offhand remark of a friend,* we've chosen the hymn I Need Thee Every Hour for our hymn of the month. We begin our school days singing it together. I especially like verse two:
I need Thee every hour, stay Thou nearby;
Temptations lose their power when Thou art nigh.
I need Thee, O I need Thee;
Every hour I need Thee;
O bless me now, my Savior,
I come to Thee.
My morning devotions today seemed to be shouting this truth into my soul: I desperately want to bring glory and honor to God in my life and breath, but I'm incapable of doing so unless Jesus enables me.
As your name, O God, so your praise reaches to the ends of the earth. Psalm 48:10
May your Name be praised with my life and breath. I need you , Lord Jesus, for without Your Holy Spirit at work in me I am no glory or praise to your Name. I cannot bring praise in my own power...give Your Spirit generously to me today that I might be able to bring back praise to You. Forgive me for thinking, believing, behaving as if I am capable of bringing you anything!
Praise be Your Name!
It reaches to the heights but bends low to pour grace over me!

Who among you fears the LORD
and obeys the voice of his servant?
Let him who walks in darkness
and has no light
trust in the name of the LORD
and rely on his God.
Behold, all you who kindle a fire,
who equip yourselves with burning torches!
Walk by the light of your fire,
and by the torches that you have kindled!
This you have from my hand:
you shall lie down in torment.
Isaiah 50:10-11 (Click here to read this passage in several versions.)
How often I have kindled my own fire, lit my own torches, and compassed my way according to my own equipment of light! How do I expect to make any progress, let alone bring praise and glory and honor to You, when I am following my own fire, blazing my own trail?
You know the destination reached by all of us who walk among our own firebrands, who see by the flicker of our own flames.
It is only torment.
It is prostration.
But You bring illumination in the voice of your Servant:
"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." (John 8:12)
Let me fear the LORD!
Let me obey His Servant!
May I trust in the LORD's Name for my path--
for you, O LORD, will not lead me to torment,
but to righteousness!

*Thanks, Heather!


MOHeather said...

Such beautiful writing, Amy. I so relate with what you are saying. I want to do this work He has called me to do to His glory. But I am so unable to do it without His complete working in me. Thanks for your edification in your blog. It truly uplifts me!

Mrs. Edwards said...

This post came almost straight out of my prayers, although I polished it up a bit. I'm so grateful that by sharing what God is teaching me, others might be stirred on to love and good deeds! And worship!

Thank you so much for mentioning this hymn. I'm not overstating it to say that it has really helped me to get my heart in the right place at the start of a school day, and throughout its hours! :)

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