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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow, School, and Reading

Snow Days
Last Friday we received a thick blanket of snow, which sparkled in Saturday's sunshine and called to the kids to come out and play. It was warm enough in the sun for the kids to be able to spend three busy hours playing and building in the snow.

Toby, coming in for a drink.

Sydney (in the middle) and Hope (on the right) build a fort with their friend Evangelyn. They found empty ice cream tubs to use as forms for their snow blocks.

The fort as it is today (Tuesday).

Mr. Edwards makes some repairs to one of our classic sleds.

I don't seem to have a picture of Lane in the snow, which is probably because he spent most of his time across the street building forts with the neighbor boys.

* * *

School Days
Toby is now four and I'm beginning to see signs of him settling down during school hours. There was a time when I never dreamed he would sit for a project like this (see the picture below), but last week he decided to do it without any prompting!

* * *
Reading Days
I've made a real effort since Christmas break to read more fiction, with mixed results. I've read some classics (such as Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward) as well as several mysteries from Dorothy Sayers and Agatha Christie. I've read some modern popular fiction, The Kite Runner and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, which I found surprisingly good. I tend to like old books better than newer ones, but in my effort to branch out, I intentionally sought out some recent best sellers. In this vein, I checked out The Elegance of the Hedgehog from the library. I read a few pages, but just don't care to bother with the rest, so I'm returning it unread.


The Dave Hawk Family said...

Cute snow pics- we have snow on the ground here in MD as well! Kids love it!

I read the Potato Peel Pie Society book back in the fall- I was pleasantly surprised as well!

MagistraCarminum said...

Amy- I actually think I liked Hedgehog better than Potatoe Peel Society...I thought PPS took a cheap shot in making a surprise "coming out" of one of its characters, and that the authors had misled the reader on purpose. I loved the history in it, though. What I liked about Hedgehog is that it is well written, and you read the minds of two women who think they have all the answers, only to discover at the end that the very things they thought were the problem with the world are the answer. But my dh hated its tone. What did you think of Kite Runner? And I, like you, prefer the older books...

Mrs. Edwards said...

Well, now I'm wondering if I just didn't give Hedgehog enough time to grow on me. As for the "coming out" of the character in ...Potato... (such a long title), you're right, it is annoying. I'm not sure why it didn't bother me more. I suppose that I never latched on to him as a significant character, expected the ending to resolve as it in fact did, and began to enjoy some of the other characters. It was a light, interesting read.

The Kite Runner was a book that consumed my thoughts for days. I loved it, but I wept through the ending. I plan to read A Thousand Splendid Suns soon.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Loved Kite runner, consumed is the right word. I never saw the movie and have no intentions to do so. some books need to left on the shelves and not delivered to the big screen.
I couldn't get into splendid suns.
? I tried 3 cups of tea, saw the point and was moved. but wanted to get back to suns. Just never could get a jump start. HOping you'll find its direction and share.

I started Gilead, and think I'm just not 'there' right now. I read a recent reference to it, about the use of 'just' in prayers (a recent trend to emphasize the desired/addressed/mentioned detail in prayer) Now I want to go back and read again.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

ps. inspired by the shot of your little man. I'm optimistic for Henry, my youngest. but we're just not there right now. :)
also, did read that clip about John James Audubon, in Haiti. Very interesting. The home he resided in, while in Louisiana, did in fact face it's share of mortality. Now I find it even more ironic/interesting about his skill. Thanks for sharing.

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