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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"We...make our own fun."

We are so ingrained in our culture, we can't even recognize how it influences us most of the time.

Here's an excerpt from the Livesay blog that hits on exactly what I mean. The Livesays are missionaries to Haiti, but are now in Texas for a time as they regroup with their seven kids.
Our lives in Haiti are very centered on home and family. Most every night we're home. If we go out of our gate, it would be to eat with John and Beth. At home we eat the same four or five menus all the time. The variety is little but no one feels they are lacking a thing. We go out as a large group only on Sunday for church. There are no swimming lessons or soccer practices to juggle. No Target runs, and no McDonalds. We hang out and make our own fun. Nobody charges us for it. There are not constantly pressures to run from thing to thing. The lack of television means my kids are not begging for toys and all the things advertising convinces us we need. It is beautiful and it is one more thing I love about living in Haiti.

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Laura at By the Bushel said...

Wow, I needed to read this. Thanks- Laura

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