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Psalm 78
. . . we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, his power, and the wonders he has done. .
so the next generation would know them . . . and they in turn would tell their children.
Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget his deeds but would keep his commands.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Camp 2011

We're back from our seventh annual family camp vacation at Village Creek Bible Camp and I can happily report that it just gets better every year. What mother of five (or four or three or two or one?) wouldn't love a week off from cooking and cleaning up? Who wouldn't appreciate a week with two family assistants, eager to help whenever and however they can? I feel refreshed, even though I came home physically exhausted!

Some snapshots from our time away:

Gaby, our sweet young staff assistant, took great care of Lydia this week. She stayed with her for naps and bedtime, freeing me up to be with the rest of the family and take part in activities.

Mr. Edwards helps Lane manage the 410 and shoot some trap.

Mr. Edwards and I took a kayak trip down the Mississippi River. This is one of our favorite camp activities. It is pretty relaxing kayaking (especially when one's husband is truly doing all the work in back!) as the current carries us along.


I wasn't fast enough to get a photo of the bald eagles that we saw flying by, but I did get a picture of a nest.

Although we cross the main channel twice (back and forth), we mostly navigate through the quiet backwaters of the mighty river. It is beautiful.

My sister Jen shared a kayak with her son, Wesley.

Lydia and I rode with the rest of the family on the hay-rack up to "trail breakfast," a family camp tradition of breakfast in the woods with "heart attack toast" toasted on a griddle over a fire.

The four older Edwards kids went creek stomping with Connor, our staff assistant (seen in the background).

Toby is making it an annual tradition to fall asleep at dinner!

In the face of a rainy afternoon we played cards with friends and family. Our kids were off enjoying camp activities with staff assistants.

Lane got a couple of hits in the inter-generational softball game (Lane is the batter in the picture above and Uncle Jason is pitching).

Mr. Edwards  helped Toby with some trap shooting. The stock was too long for him, but he still loved it!

Hope had a marvelous camp week roaming around camp with friends. Here you see her with plenty of wildflowers in her hair. She tackled a steep hike three times in one day, exhausting the staff assistant that went along!

Sydney and Lydia tried out the hammock during the softball game.

This year Lane passed the swim test for the deep part of the swimming lake. With this under his belt, he was free to use the high dive. In spite of his slight physique, he was a finalist in the splash contest!

The boys tried ice blocking for the first time this year.

All the kids love the rope swing (Hope is shown in the picture above), and this year the three older kids did the Blob (but I didn't get pictures of that achievement).

Hope took a dive several times. Our local pool at home doesn't have diving boards, so this is a real treat for her.

The gun range was a busy place this year. Mr. Edwards shot his pistol and other friends were nearby, firing their guns.  

A highlight of every camp year is Parents Night Out. We went to LaCrosse, Wisconsin with five other couples and walked along the riverfront after dinner.

We took our annual parting photo at the Village Creek sign and our beloved assistants Connor and Gaby stood with us.

This year we left our daughters behind for a week of junior camp.


Sharon said...

These photos are great! We loved the pic of Toby asleep after dinner with sunburnt cheeks. And of Lane learning to trap shoot, which brought back some memories of Jeff's day with Howard. Jeff did comment that "I think it is absolutely bizarre that you take guns to a Christian family camp!" - our cultures are so very different on some points, aren't they?

I went iceblocking in Darwin as a uni student, and had a great time. Seeing Lane try it standing up is awesome!

The first photo of Lydia shows just how big she is getting. With her hair longer now, she looks more like the little girl she is and not the baby she was any more. And she is looking a lot like you as well.

That's a lovely pic of Sydney and Hope "creek stomping" as well. Does this mean wading out deep? Or is there something they are stomping to find? Do they stomp with sandals on, or bare feet? I have never heard this term before.

I'm glad your sister and BIL got to go to camp again. They must have enjoyed it last year. But the most impressive thing is Hope and Sydney staying behind for junior camp. I bet they were looking forward to that. It must have made the post-camp exhaustion a little easier on you having only three kids to look after rather than five, even though I am sure you missed them.

Maybe if we can come to the US again (at the moment with our savings plan it looks like it might be four or five years away) we could time our visit to come to family camp with you. All our kids will be so big by then!

Mrs. Edwards said...

Wow. That would be SO fun to have you go to camp with us in a few years.

Jeff's comment about guns made us chuckle. So true. See Second Amendment.

The mix of people at our family camp are probably all pretty conservative politically, for sure. I don't have pictures of all the people at the gun range, but a few guys had some pretty serious hunting rifles. (No hunting at camp, just target shooting.)

I didn't post the pictures, but instead of the Men and Boys breakfast as they have done in prior years, they did an evening activity for the men and boys in which they followed an inspirational talk about fighting for the faith with a trap shooting competition/exhibition and then, for the grand finale, they fired upon a stuffed Winnie-the-Pooh that had tannerite (see inside. Big boom. Winnie stuffed with fluff no more. Happy boys.


Mrs. Edwards said...

I forgot to tell you that creek stomping is really just a fun way to say wading-in-the-creek-and-discovering-whatever-you-can. I'll post some of what the kids found there.

I suppose the idea of stomping describes the big, heavy steps that walking in water requires. The kids can wear sandals or water shoes, but if you can stand it in bare feet you don't risk losing your shoe in the muddy bottom (but most of the bottom is rocky). Sydney did lose a sandal, but the staff assistant Connor came to her rescue and found it.

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